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Honor Scores
  • 300 - Dave Farruggia 10/12/20

  • 300 - Curtis Foss 09/18/20

  • 300 - Hayden Allis 03/05/20

  • 300 - Robbie Hanks 02/28/20

  • 300 - Kyle Johnson 02/23/20

  • 300 - Reid Cole 02/22/20

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Association News....

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Gladys Ford Senior Tournament
Set for Nov. 7-8 at Livingston Lanes

OCTOBER 7, 2020 -- The 35th Gladys Ford Memorial Women's Senior Singles Tournament is scheduled for Nov. 7-8 at Livingston Lanes in Geneseo.

Participants, 50 years of age and older, will roll three games -- either at noon on Saturday or at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Competition will take place in six different age classifications -- 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75-and-over.

CLICK HERE for an entry form, which includes information on how to register to bowl.

In Memoriam

The Genesee Region USBC extends its condolences to the family of Eric Galton, GRUSBC Hall of Famer and 2008 Senior Masters champion, who passed away on Friday, Sept. 11.

Eric, a Portageville resident, was 64.

-- 2019-20 Average Books -- 

CLICK HERE for adult league averages.

CLICK HERE for adult league averages, 200 or better.

CLICK HERE for youth league averages.

Restrictions on capacity, lane usage pose
formidable challenges in bowling league scheduling

AUGUST 15, 2020 -- Bowling center proprietors have crossed one giant hurdle, finally convincing Gov. Andrew Cuomo that they can reopen their establishments safely, but now they face another significant challenge in figuring out how to run their leagues.

On Friday, the governor announced that centers will be allowed to reopen starting this Monday – good news for managers who rely on the weeks before Labor Day to determine the strength of their leagues and recruit new bowlers.

However, with the mandate to limit capacity to 50 percent and to keep every other lane closed due to social distancing, deciding where and when leagues will be able to bowl when they begin in early September likely will take on the look of musical chairs.

Normally, league opponents are set up to bowl on two adjoining lanes – lanes 1-2, for example – and to alternate lanes for each frame over the course of their three-game match.

In the first game, the team starting on lane 1 would bowl frames 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 on lane 1 and frames 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 on lane 2. The alternating pattern would continue through the next two games.

Rule Changes Allow Bowling on One Lane

Fortunately, several weeks ago the United States Bowling Congress, the governing body of the sport, temporarily waived USBC Playing Rules 106a, 106b, 320a and 320b, which state two lanes must be used for competition and bowlers must alternate lanes – bowling five frames on each lane of the pair.

The USBC also waived the requirement that both lanes must be used for a bowler to be eligible for awards and average recognition.

Those rule changes open the door for leagues to continue, but league bowling teams are going to have to be flexible and be willing to bowl on just one lane until the time comes when Albany loosens the limitations on lane usage and capacity.

“It’s tough,” said Mike Sputore, manager of the 24-lane Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia, which plans to open on Aug. 24. “We’ve come up with a couple thought processes, but there’s no perfect plan … bowlers are going to have to work with us.”

Sputore said the only fair way to get the ball rolling is to “offer all of our leagues an opportunity to have a meeting and gauge the total number of league bowlers willing to still bowl (considering the restrictions).”

“One of our thoughts is to run double shifts for all the leagues, for instance, our Tuesday league that bowls on lanes 1 through 10 would be able to have five teams bowl on that first shift – maybe go odd (team numbers) the first week and even (team numbers) on the second shift,” he said. “That’s the only fair way to allow all of the teams to participate.”

Will League Bowlers Start Earlier?

He also said the weekly starting times could be moved up, so instead of the league starting at 7 p.m., it would be willing to start around 5:30. That way the second shift would be able to begin around 7:30 or 8 p.m. – the exact times determined by the number of bowlers on each team.

Sputore also said an option could be to have all the bowlers in one league bowl on the first shift on the first and third weeks of the month, and another league scheduled for that particular night having the first shift on the second and fourth weeks of the month.

That way, all members of a 12-team league, for example, would be able to bowl at the same time, but spread out over the 24 lanes, skipping every other lane.

Mancuso’s has the most lanes of all the centers serviced by the Genesee Region USBC, with other “larger” centers being Medina Lanes (20), Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion (18) and Livingston Lanes in Geneseo (16).

Finding something that works at the smaller centers will be all the more difficult.

Eight Isn't Enough

“I’m really hoping that the guidelines change again by the time we start our leagues,” said Bob Santini, proprietor of Mount Morris Lanes, which has eight lanes and a full weekly schedule of leagues, including two with five members per team. “If we have to go every other lane, it’s going to be tough.”

Santini, like Sputore, mentioned the first and second shift notion, but bemoaned the fact that the second squad of a five-person league wouldn’t finish until around 11 p.m.

He said the other option would be to allow half of a particular league to bowl on week one of the month, and the other half of the league to bowl on week two of the month. However, that would reduce the number of sessions for each group to 16 (for a 32-week league), effectively cutting his income in half.

“There’s two options and neither one of them are very good,” he said.

Santini also wondered if the requirement out of Albany that everyone has to wear a face covering applied when the bowler is actually on the lane, making his or her delivery. He mentioned that masks aren’t required when people are sitting down at a table eating.

“We’ve had two league meetings thus far and for the most part, everybody’s good with everything, except the masks,” he said.

The other Genesee Region USBC bowling centers with certified leagues are Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen (8 lanes), Paris Lanes in Oakfield (12 lanes), Perry Bowling Center (8 lanes), Letchworth Pines in Portageville (12 lanes), and Legion Lanes in Le Roy (8 lanes).

Waiting for More Guidelines

Doug Bohannon, of Glens Falls, president of the New York State Bowling Proprietors Association, said he is waiting for further details on the guidelines, including if face coverings have to be worn at all times.

“I know in Texas you have to wear a mask even when you’re bowling, and Florida it might be that way, but all the states surrounding us, you don’t have to wear the masks when you bowl,” he said. “The state has let us open, but they really haven’t given us the full set of rules yet.”

As far as all the requirements, Bohannon said proprietors will just have to make it work.

“It’s much better than staying closed,” he said. “If everybody just keeps doing what they’re doing (in terms of health and safety protocols), I think we will see a loosening in the restrictions.”

Other guidelines for bowling centers include: social distancing required at all times; bowlers need to stay at their assigned lanes; thorough cleaning and disinfection of shared or rented equipment between each use will be required; and all food service must follow all state-issued guidance.

-- By Mike Pettinella, GRUSBC Association Manager

Skrypnik, George, Busmire Win $500 Each
in Association's Grand Prize Drawing

AUGUST 8, 2020 -- Three Genesee Region USBC members from Albion, Batavia and Bergen are $500 richer after their names were selected during the 2019-20 association “grand prize drawing” on Aug. 5.

The random drawing took place at the GRUSBC Board of Directors meeting at the Town of Covington hall.

Awards Committee Chair John Wood presided over the drawing, which usually takes place at the association’s annual banquet. The banquet, however, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The $500 winners are:

-- Wally Skrypnik, a league bowler at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion;

-- Michael George, a league bowler at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia;

-- Harris Busmire, a league bowler at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen.

Three members won $25 each. They are Selina McJury of Batavia, Rex Snyder of Rochester (who bowls in Albion), Rick Howe of Le Roy (who bowls at Legion Lanes) and Kevin Gray Sr. of Honeoye Falls (who bowls at Mount Morris Lanes).

In other developments, the board:

-- Voted in favor of the acceptance of six new directors – Rich Culver of Medina, Mike Johnson and Brian Green of Batavia, AJ Allenbrandt of Le Roy, Gary Gilman of Albion and Tom Sardou of Bergen.

The action results in a full board of three officers (President Gary Kuchler, Vice President Jerry Davis and Sergeant-at-Arms Karen Bonner), 10 directors (Joann Van Duser, Wood, Pat Fuller and Sharon Willett are the others) and Association Manager Mike Pettinella.

-- Confirmed that league secretary supplies will be available for pickup at 6 p.m. on Aug. 11 at T.F. Brown’s in Batavia and 6 p.m. on Aug. 13 at Mount Morris Lanes. Currently, bowling centers have not been allowed to reopen due to the governor’s executive order, resulting in much uncertainty heading into the 2020-21 season.

-- Tentatively scheduled its next meeting for noon Sept. 13 at T.F. Brown’s.

Annual Banquet Postponed until May 2021

JULY 6, 2020 -- The Genesee Region USBC board of directors has voted to cancel the Annual Banquet that was scheduled for July 25 at Batavia Downs Gaming.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing mandates that go with it, the board felt that it would be best to hold off on any large gatherings at this time.

The plan is to hold the banquet, including the Hall of Fame ceremony, on May 8, 2021, at Batavia Downs Gaming.

The association’s leaders in league high average, high game and high series – for both adults and youth – will be recognized with the presenting of plaques at the 2021 ceremony.

The 2019-20 leaders are as follows:

High Game – Men, 300, held by many; Women, 279, Diane Hurlburt, Warsaw; Youth, 300, Boys, Tony Sprague, Batavia, and Kyle Johnson, Batavia; Girls, 279, Jillian Menzie, Bergen.

High Series – Men, 834, Alex Allis, Medina; Women, 815, Diane Hurlburt, Warsaw; Youth, Boys, 752, Tony Sprague, Batavia; Girls, 653, Jillian Menzie, Bergen.

High Average – Men, 246.2, Curtis Foss, Medina; Women, 211, Amanda Coniglio, Mount Morris; Youth, Boys, 199, Dennis Van Duser, Perry; Girls, 196, Jillian Menzie, Bergen.


The association voted to honor four graduating senior bowlers with scholarships for the 2019-20 season. All four will receive scholarships in the amount of $600.

This year’s recipients are Jillian Menzie of Bergen (Rose Garden Bowl), Tony Sprague of Batavia (Mancuso Bowling Center), Emma Miller of Le Roy (Mancuso’s), and Dennis Van Duser of Perry (Perry Bowling Center).

In Memoriam

Charles Mogavero, 8/1/20
Paul Voltura, 7/26/20
Myrtle E. Burrell, 7/5/20
Brian K. Ace Sr., 7/2/20
William F. Starken, 6/24/20
Dana Freeman, 6/22/20

Information for League Secretaries in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

APRIL 4, 2020 -- Many league secretaries have questions regarding their options for ending the season earlier than expected due to the coronavirus situation.


CLICK HERE for prize list adjustment guidelines.

APRIL 2020

This is a special combined edition of the Rules Extra and Tournament Flyer to discuss leagues and tournaments amid concerns about COVID-19.

League Play

USBC considers the coronavirus as an emergency situation and, therefore, the unanimous consent of all team captains (Rule 122) requirement for leagues to change the schedule does not apply. The decision to change the schedule may be made by a majority of the votes cast by the league board of directors (officers and team captains).

The league, before a decision is made regarding the league schedule, must come to an agreement with bowling center management concerning the league contract. Verbal or written, the league has a contract. Whether the center is closed by choice or because of governmental restrictions, league officers should contact the center before any league decision regarding a change in schedule is made.

The league needs to know if the center is going to charge lineage fees for the balance of the contract. Once the league has an agreement with the center, the league board of directors (officers and team captains) has a couple of options to consider. The decisions may be made via email, text, or phone or conference call during this difficult time.

1. Postpone the schedule and complete the league at a later date.

Some bowlers may choose to withdraw; USBC will not hold bowlers accountable for the fees required in Rule 114a. Any prepaid fees must be returned fully to a withdrawing bowler and should be done immediately. The bowler(s) also is entitled to a pro-rated share of the prize fund based on the number of weeks paid.

2. Cancel the league schedule.

All prepaid fees must be returned to the rightful bowlers. The standings are final as of the date the league decides to cancel. If the center charges lineage for the balance of the contract, it is deducted from the league prize fund. The league board of directors must also decide how the prize list will be adjusted. Click How to adjust a prize list for information on how to do so.

For split season leagues, because of the inability to hold a playoff, the league board may declare co-champions and divide any additional playoff money equally among teams in the playoff.

Tournament Flyer

Tournaments also face the decision to postpone or cancel operations. USBC rules allow tournament management to make decisions regarding tournament operations. A tournament could continue operations if possible, postpone the tournament or squads or end the tournament as of the last date of competition.

1. Postpone the schedule and complete the tournament at a later date.

Although Rule 314 does not allow refunds, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic USBC is allowing tournament management to issue refunds or credit for a future tournament to any entrant(s) who choose to withdraw from the tournament. The same also would apply to bowlers who did not bowl in the tournament.

When a tournament postpones squads, and entries close prior to last squad and the tournament allows walk-ins, USBC will permit tournament management to allow walk-ins during the rescheduled squads. However, no additional squad times can be added when squads are rescheduled.

2. Cancel the schedule.

Tournaments may choose to cancel the remaining squads without penalty. The tournament is paid based on the standings as of the last date of competition and the number of bowlers that bowled. All other entries are refunded or credited to another tournament.

Tournaments that guarantee prizes may base the guarantees on the entries. Comprehensive tournaments that reschedule events after Aug. 1, 2020 must certify these events as a 2021 tournament.

GRUSBC Youth Doubles Results

CLICK HERE for Genesee Region Youth Doubles Tournament results.

Diane Hurlburt Rolls Record 815 Series in Perry

FEBRUARY 18, 2020 -- Diane Hurlburt of Warsaw rolled an 815 series last night in the Monday Nite 5 League at Perry Bowling Center, setting a Genesee Region USBC record for women's high series.

The 49-year-old right-hander posted games of 258, 278 and 279 to eclipse the 791 recorded by Rochester's Kara Mangiola at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen on Nov. 15, 2015 and the 782 registered by Caycee Landers of Brockport on Feb. 13, 2018, also at Rose Garden Bowl.

Hurlburt had eight strikes in the first game, 11 in the second game (including the front seven) and 10 in the third game.

"I knew there was a possibility of getting it (an 800 series) after the second game, but I didn't try to figure out what I needed and I didn't want to know," said Hurlburt, who has her own house cleaning business.

She said she got a fortunate break in the ninth frame of the third game, breaking up a potential split to continue a long string of strikes.

"I didn't throw a very good shot and it came high on the nose," she said. "The 4-6 was staring at me and somehow they both fell. I said, 'Oh my gosh, there is a God."

She proceeded to strike on the first ball in the 10th frame and finished with a spare to seal the deal.

"It's really unbelievable," said Hurlburt, who is averaging 193 in the Monday league and 209 in the Thursday night league in Perry.

She in the leadoff bowler for the Charlie's Rollers team that includes her husband, Jason; son, Matthew, and friends Gene Standish and Brian Tiede.

Hurlburt used a Hammer Statement ball that she purchased and had drilled at Bowler's World in Rochester.

Last year, she had an association-high for women with a 763 series and 200 average (see her photo by scrolling down on this page).

Batavia Teen Tony Sprague Rolls 300 game
in GRUSBC Youth Tournament at Medina Lanes

FEBRUARY 16, 2020 -- A perfect game by Tony Sprague powered the Mancuso Mean Machine team to victory today in the Genesee Region USBC Association Youth Team Tournament at Medina Lanes.

Sprague, a Batavia High School senior who will turn 18 on March 16, posted his first United States Bowling Congress-certified 300 game in the second game of the team’s three-game series on lanes 17-18.

His other games were 187 and 222 for a 709 series.

CLICK HERE for tournament results.

The right-hander’s big series helped his team record a 2,596 total with handicap to edge The Strikers of Oak Orchard Bowl by nine pins for the tournament title.

Sprague and teammates Ben Sputore, Corinne Saluste and Emma Miller each will receive a $100 scholarship and a trophy.  Members of the second- and third-place teams each will receive a trophy.

Taking some advice from Coach Tom Fluker, Sprague said he moved his line from the second arrow to the third arrow after the first game – and also switched bowling balls – to consistently hit the 1-3 pocket.

“I switched from the Storm IQ Pearl Emerald to the Storm IQ Tour (black) and moved five boards to the left and played a pretty tight line,” said Sprague, noting that the first ball in the second game crossed over for a Brooklyn strike.

He proceeded to put the next eight balls in the pocket and said he didn't feel nervous heading into the 10th frame 

“I felt pretty confident,” said Sprague, whose previous high game was 276 and whose high series is the 752 he rolled in the Turnbull Heating Junior League at Mancuso’s in November. He averages over 200 in a couple of different youth leagues.

After the final strike, he exchanged high-fives and hugs from everyone around, including his mother, Jacqueline.  His father, Todd, was unable to attend due to work commitments.

Sprague qualifies to receive awards from the USBC and Genesee Region USBC for his perfect game.

He also said he was rewarded by his mom on the way home.

“Yeah, I got a Shamrock Shake (from McDonald’s) out of it,” he said.

Bowlers on the second-place team were Adelynn Neal, Jayden Neal, Gavin Baney and Zachary Neal and members of the third-place Oak Orchard I team that registered 2,555 were Ryleigh Culver, Gracelin Mahnke, Juliana Allis and Paige Snook.

Adult-Junior Tournament Attracts 35 Teams

JANUARY 21, 2020 -- Thirty-five teams participated in the Genesee Region USBC Adult-Junior Doubles Tournament on Jan. 10-12 at Raider Lanes in Caledonia.

In the 13-and-Over Division, Allie Faryna (youth) and Matt Slocum of Perry combined for a 1,437 score with handicap to claim the $225 first prize, and in the 12-and-Under Division, Kylie (youth) and Dana Regatuso of Mount Morris posted 1,391 with handicap to take the $225 first prize.

Prizes are paid out as scholarships for youth and as gift cards for adults.

Other cashers were:

13-and-Over Division -- Zachary Neal and Regina Hanks, Oak Orchard Bowl, 1,392, $175; Brooke and Sarah Jarkiewicz, Rose Garden Bowl, 1,387, $125, and Kyle and Mike Johnson, Mancuso Bowling Center, 1,378, $95.

12-and-Under Division -- Trea Nickerson and Rick Pernicone, Mount Morris, 1,384, $175; Gavin and Matt Slocum, Perry, 1,354, $125.

CLICK HERE for 13-and-Over Results.

CLICK HERE for 12-and-Under Results.

SCRATCH MEMORIAL FINALISTS: Mike Pettinella, left, tournament director and finalist, presents the Genesee Region Scratch Memorial championship plaque to Scott Culp as the other  finalists -- John LaGeorge, Kevin Gray Jr. and Scott Allis -- look on after Sunday's stepladder round at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion.

Culp Captures Fourth Scratch Memorial Title

JANUARY 6, 2020 – High-revving right-hander Scott Culp captured his fourth Genesee Region USBC Scratch Memorial Tournament title on Sunday in wire-to-wire fashion at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion.

The 41-year-old Honeoye Falls resident led the qualifying round on Saturday with an 888 four-game total and came back to lead the semifinal round on Sunday with a 919 four-game total to earn the No. 1 seed for the five-bowler stepladder finals.

CLICK HERE for qualifying, semifinal and stepladder results.

In the title match, Culp defeated the second-seeded John LaGeorge of Retsof, 215-174, for the $500 first prize.

Culp now has won four GRUSBC Scratch Memorial crowns, the previous three coming in 2006, 2017 and 2018.

LaGeorge, who won this tournament in 2001, pocketed $300 for placing second in this year’s event, which was contested on the Kegel Mercury 40-foot challenge pattern (qualifying rounds) and Kegel Route 66 V2 45-foot challenge pattern (semifinals and finals).

Defending champion Kevin Gray Jr. of Warsaw placed third, defeating fourth-place Scott Allis of Medina in the second stepladder match, 204-179, before falling to LaGeorge, 227-172, in third match. Gray also won this tournament in 2016.

Allis took the fourth spot with a 197-191 win over Mike Pettinella of Batavia in the first stepladder match, rolling a double in the 10th frame.

Gray won $250, Allis $200 and Pettinella $140.

Also cashing (in the top eight who advanced to the semifinal round) were Nathan Cordes of Batavia ($100), Brian Weber of Perry ($90) and Rick Pernicone of Dansville ($85).

The tourney drew 36 entrants.

Four bowlers from each of the two qualifying squads (1 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. Sunday) qualified for the semifinal round.

They were Culp, Allis, Weber and Pettinella on Saturday and Gray Jr., Pernicone, Cordes and LaGeorge on Sunday.

Statistically, the qualifying oil pattern played remarkably the same each day.

On Saturday, the 18 bowlers averaged 183.66 for the 72 games and the top four averaged 205.31. On Sunday, the 18 bowlers averaged 184.33 for the 72 games and the top four averaged 205.37.

The GRUSBC wishes to thank the management and staff of Oak Orchard Bowl for an outstanding job in hosting the tournament.

Gladys Ford Senior Women Results

NOVEMBER 13, 2019 -- Official results of the Gladys Ford Senior Women's Tournament held on Nov. 2-3 at Perry Bowling Center.

CLASS AA -- 75 & up -- 13 entries
Margaret Shepard, Castile     667 -- $ 150
Caroline Appleby, Warsaw     643         90
Fran Matthews, Silver Lake    638        50
Joanne Reed, Livonia            624        38.50

CLASS A -- 70-74 -- 8 entries
Gail Riley, Dansville               649       110
Barbara Sales, Geneseo       606         60
Georgene Della Penna, Bat.  589        40

CLASS B -- 65-69 -- 4 entries
Barbara Heim, Perry               632       76
Pat Gilbertson, Gainesville      594      40

CLASS C -- 60-64 -- 8 entries
Laurie Cole, Albion                  633    110
Judy Bzduch, Perry                 631      60
Chris Bovee, Dansville            624      40

CLASS D -- 55-59 -- 3 entries
Sue Boring, Albion                  590      82.50

CLASS E -- 50-54 -- 2 entries
Dawn Johnston, Livonia          660      57

Prize checks will be mailed on Nov. 19.

SENIOR STARS: Mickey Hyde, left, of Le Roy and Tim Fonte of Dansville placed first and second, respectively, at the 14th Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters Tournament on Nov. 3 at Mount Morris Lanes.

Hyde Wins Senior Masters; Fonte 2nd, Neubert 3rd

NOVEMBER 4, 2019 -- The old bowling axiom, “hook is for show, straight is for dough,” came into play over the weekend at the 14th annual Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters Tournament at Mount Morris Lanes.

Bowling in the tournament for the first time, 53-year-old right-hander Mickey Hyde of Le Roy utilized that strategy to emerge victorious against 42 other entrants on Sunday.

“I pretty much stayed straight up the alley,” said Hyde, who averaged 234 for his seven games, capped by a 246-208 victory over Tim Fonte of Dansville in the title match. “Normally, that shot doesn’t work for me any place else, but it has here before.”

Hyde, manager of the Tompkins Bank of Castile Le Roy branch, earned $270 plus a free entry into the GRUSBC Scratch Memorial Tournament in January and a plaque from Joe’s Trophies & Awards.

The three-person stepladder finals in the event for association members 50 and over featured three first-time Senior Masters participants -- Hyde, Fonte and Batavian Bill Neubert.

Fonte downed Neubert, 218-173, in the first stepladder match to earn the right to face Hyde, who secured the top seed by virtue of a 714 series in the three-game qualifying round and 463 in the two-game second round.

Fonte, 71, pocketed $170 for his runner-up finish while Neubert, 69, won $120 for placing third. Both Fonte and Neubert played a direct line, and it carried them to the stepladder round.

Reaching the semis were Dave DiSalvo of Mount Morris, Mike Pettinella of Batavia and Kevin Gray of Honeoye Falls. They each won $70.

Other cashers were Paul Spiotta, Jim Pursel and Scott Shields, all of Batavia; Marty Weaver of Castile; John Lowe of Le Roy, and Bob Hodgson of Medina. They won $55 apiece.

DiSalvo was the high qualifier with 758, followed by Spiotta (724), Pursel (723) and Hyde, and also had the high score in the two-game semifinals with 472, followed by Pettinella (463) and Hyde (463).

Hyde, Fonte and Neubert advanced to the finals with games of 221, 215 and 210, respectively.

The field was cut to 12 after the qualifying round and to six after the two-game second round. The one-game semifinal round determined the stepladder finalists.

This year’s champion said he used his “old (Roto Grip) Uproar” to conquer the synthetic lanes, concentrating on keeping the ball from getting too far right.

“If I swung it out, I didn’t carry any 10-pins,” he said. “I stayed in the middle of the lane and that seemed to be, for me, the only shot that carried consistently.”

He thanked Spiotta for running the tournament and credited proprietor Bob Santini for putting up a fair lane condition.

Photo at top: Mickey Hyde, left, and Tim Fonte, Genesee Region USBC Senior Masters finalists.

Association Welcomes Four New Sponsors

OCTOBER 31, 2019 -- Four businesses from the Mount Morris area, including three of them affiliated with Director Sharon Willett, have signed on as Genesee Region USBC sponsors for the 2019-20 season.

Loretta's Beauty Shop, Willett's Rentals and Willett's Farm, owned by Dan and Sharon Willett, and Mount Morris Lanes, owned by Bob Santini, each have contributed $250 to the GRUSBC to help support the local association's scholarship fund, youth bowling and tournament bowling.

As Silver Sponsors, each will receive a free ticket to the GRUSBC Annual Banquet in May, acknowledgement in the Pin Points bowling column on The Batavian, and mention in the Sponsors section of this website.

The GRUSBC Board of Directors extends its sincere thanks to these businesses doing their part and more to create a Future for the Sport.

FLUKER TRIUMPHS: Tom Fluker, left, defeated Sam Oddo, right, in a battle of Batavia bowlers today (Saturday, Oct. 26) to win the 1st Genesee Region USBC Handicap Bracket Challenge Tournament at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia.  Fluker posted 194 scratch (224 with handicap) to turn back Oddo, who had 154 scratch (202 with handicap). The victory was worth $275 while second place paid $150. Thirty-two bowlers competed. Watch for more details to come. Photo by Mike Pettinella/GRUSBC Association Manager. 

Fluker Captures 1st Handicap Bracket Challenge

OCTOBER 27, 2019 – Batavia’s Tom Fluker won the tournament while Albion’s Bailee Snook won the hearts of bowlers and spectators, alike, on Saturday at the 1st Genesee Region Handicap Bracket Challenge tournament at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia.

Fluker defeated Sam Oddo of Batavia, 224-202, in the title match to claim the $275 first prize in the event, which attracted 32 bowlers.

The entrants were divided into four eight-player brackets with the top four averages as the No. 1 seeds in each bracket and the remaining players drawing for their seedings. The first round consisted of two-game matches and the ensuing rounds were one-game matches.

Fluker opened by defeating Bailee’s sister, Paige, and then went on to win three more matches to face Oddo. In the semifinals, he just got past 13-year-old Bailee by five pins.

He rolled a 211 game scratch – 241 with handicap – while Snook rolled 149 and received 87 pins handicap based on her 133 average.

For the tournament, Snook averaged 159, much better than her average, in posting a 3-1 match play record. One of her games was 200, her first 200 ever.

Oddo reached the finals with a 248-216 win over Shayne Herold of Batavia (200-176 scratch), and earned $150 for his second-place finish.

Snook and Herold won $95 each (with Snook’s prize money going into her SMART scholarship account). Other cashers were Batavians Geoff Harloff, Tom McJury and Scott Shields and Attica’s Mark Brown.

Matt Balduf of South Byron had the tournament’s high game of 299, leaving a solid 10-pin on the final ball.

The next Genesee Region USBC tournaments take place on Nov. 2-3, Gladys Ford Senior Women at Perry Bowling Center, and Nov. 3, Senior Masters at Mount Morris Lanes. Click on the Tournaments/Results tab for entry forms.

In Memoriam

Joe Trigilio - GRUSBC Hall of Famer
Aug. 9, 1953-Sept. 1, 2019

GRUSBC HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES: From left, Robert Hodgson, Al Vlietstra and James Foss were inducted into the Genesee Region USBC Hall of Fame on Saturday night at Batavia Downs Gaming. Eunice Englert also was enshrined but had to leave before the photo session.

SCHOLAR-ATHLETES: Corinne Saluste, left, of Batavia and Samantha Hyde of Le Roy received GRUSBC scholarships based on their bowling achievements and classroom success.

ASSOCIATION LEADERS: Matt Balduf of South Byron and Diane Hurlburt of Warsaw were among GRUSBC association leaders this season. Balduf had the high series of 836 while Hurlburt had the high average for women, 200, and high series, 763.

Hall of Fame Inductions, Inspirational Talk
Highlight Genesee Region USBC Banquet

MAY 13, 2019 -- The Genesee Region USBC culminated the 2018-19 season Saturday night by inducting four deserving members into the Hall of Fame, awarding two standout high school seniors with scholarships and recognizing its tournament winners and league leaders.

Eighty-nine people attended the association’s annual banquet at Batavia Downs Gaming, and were treated to an inspirational presentation, which included several songs, by Canadian rock star Carl Dixon (in photo below).

Dixon has fought back from a devastating car accident in 2008 to continue a career that has seen him perform with noted bands such as Coney Hatch, April Wine and The Guess Who.

Eunice Englert of Nunda was enshrined into the Meritorious Service category, while Al Vlietstra of Geneseo, Robert Hodgson of Medina and James Foss of Medina were inducted into the Achievement category.

Samantha Hyde of Le Roy and Corinne Saluste of Batavia were this year’s scholarship recipients, receiving $1,000 and $750, respectively.

Samantha will be attending St. John Fisher College to study Pharmaceutical Science, with plans to enter the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. Corinne plans to attend Genesee Community College for two years before transferring to Daemen College in Buffalo to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

The GRUSBC will be welcoming a new director as Gregg Wolff of Batavia was elected to the vacant Director No. 1 position. Others elected were Karen Bonner of Mount Morris, who moves up to the sergeant-at-arms post, and incumbents Joann Van Duser of Perry, John Wood of Warsaw and Jerry Davis of Pavilion.

All were elected to three-year terms.

Winners of the grand prize drawing were as follows:

$500 – Bob Lennington, Geneseo, Sunday Evening Mixed, Livingston Lanes.
$500 – Scott Briggs, Perry, Thursday Night, Perry/Livingston.
$500 – Troy Rossborough, Livonia, Thursday Night Triples, Livingston Lanes.
$25 each -- Dale Fisher, Bergen; Kim Williams, Batavia; Joe Pukos, Leicester; Darren Morgan, Farmersville Station.

Robert Nolan of Albion won the MOTIV bowling ball.

Four to Enter GRUSBC Hall of Fame

APRIL 19, 2019 -- The Genesee Region USBC Annual Banquet on May 11 at Batavia Downs Gaming will include the induction of four people into the GRUSBC Hall of Fame -- James Foss of Medina in the Achievement Regular category, Robert Hodgson of Medina and Al Vlietstra of Geneseo in the Achievement Veteran category, and Eunice Englert of Nunda in the Meritorious Service category.

Foss, 56, has been a standout bowler for the past 20 years, compiling more than 15 300 games and six 800 series and averaging over 200 for most of those year – with a high of 235.

In 2007-08, he earned national recognition for have the high trio series of 2,295 (two men and one woman).

The head mechanic at Medina Lanes and league officer for several leagues, he has cashed in numerous local tournaments in the Medina, Lockport and Genesee Region associations.

He finished second to Rich Wagner in the GRUSBC Masters in 2017, averaging 206 while winning six of eight matches in the final en route to a $325 prize. He also has been a finalist on multiple occasions in the GRUSBC Senior Masters.

Hodgson, 71, a retired school teacher, has 13 perfect game and seven 800 series while averaging in the 215-plus range for the past several years.

His tournament success includes victories in the GRUSBC Doubles event with his son and the Tommy Kress 60-and-Over scratch singles tour.

A certified bowling coach, he assists with the Saturday morning youth program at Medina and consistently competes in GRUSBC tournaments.

Vlietstra, 70, has done well in tournaments at the local and state level.

He is a two-time Singles champion, with 762 in the Perry Association in 1997 and 860 (752 scratch) in the GRUSBC in 2017. He placed first in the 2009 GRUSBC Senior Masters at Letchworth Pines and rolled his high game of 299 in an Amateur Bowlers Tour event.

Vlietstra, who owns a masonry business, is a four-time NYS USBC tournament champion:

-- As a member of the Turnbull Heating team in the 2010 NYS Open Championships in Niagara Falls (he rolled 661);
-- Handicap Singles (843) in the 2014 NYS Open Championships in Rochester;
-- Six-Game Combine (1,483) in the 2014 NYS Open Senior Championships in Cortland;
-- Handicap Doubles (801 with handicap) in the 2015 NYS Open Championships in Buffalo.

His personal best series of 788 came in the New York State Firemen’s Tournament in Newburgh in the mid-2000’s.  A league bowler since 1987, he posted his high league average of 203 in 2004-05 at Perry Bowling Center.

Englert has been bowling for more than 50 years and has served the sport as a league secretary, Genesee Valley Women’s Bowling Association director and tournament coordinator for almost as long.

Her induction comes on the heels of her husband’s (Dennis) enshrinement last year. The couple was a fixture at Letchworth Pines, running the bowling center and taking care of the leagues for 30 years.

GRUSBC Welcomes Batavia Downs as Sponsor

NOVEMBER 16, 2018 -- The Genesee Region USBC wishes to thank Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. (Batavia Downs Gaming) for signing on to be a major sponsor of our association this season.

Batavia Downs Gaming, which once again will be hosting our Annual Dinner in May, has contributed $500 to the association in its support of organized bowling.

The funds will be used to continue the GRUSBC's popular awards and scholarship programs.

CLICK HERE for a List of GRUSBC Services

AWARDS FOR OUR BOWLERS: The Genesee Region USBC is proud of its awards program, which recognizes bowlers of all ages and all skill levels. Secretaries can submit awards to the association office by clicking on the Links tab at the top of this page and filling out the GRUSBC Online Submission Form.

Rule 17a is There to Ensure Fairness in Tournaments

AUGUST 15, 2016 -- When it comes to tournament competition, protecting the integrity of the game is the "name of the game."

The Genesee Region USBC is making a renewed commitment to ensuring that all tournament bowlers get a fair shake. Tournament bowlers can rest assured that all entering averages will be scrutinized -- utilizing the tools available per USBC rules.

One of those is Rule 17a, which governs tournament management's right to adjust averages prior to competition for a variety of reasons when there is information indicating the bowler's entering average does not represent the bowler's ability.

Information that can be used includes, but is not limited to:

Average bowled on a Sport/Challenge condition but league was not marked as such
• Bowler has multiple league averages which are tremendously higher, all with less than 21 games
• Bowler shows a big decrease in average in consecutive years
• Bowler has had his/her entering average adjusted by another tournament

Did you know USBC Rule 17a-2 allows for disqualification of scores when this information is discovered after the player has bowled? According to Rule 17a, the penalty for violating this rule includes loss of games, prize winnings and disqualification.

Although disqualification may seem extreme, it is a comfort to the other tournament participants to know tournament management is protecting the integrity of the game.

Despite the Perception, USBC Certification Has its Benefits

All too often, representatives of the United States Bowlling Congress -- at the national, state and local levels -- are faced with the question from bowlers: "What do we get for our membership dues?"

We at the Genesee Region USBC believe that USBC certification is definitely worth the small investment -- a one-time fee of $22 -- and we have put your money to work by developing one of the best award programs in New York State. You can find a list of our awards by clicking on the Downloads tab on this website.

Not sure what you get for your membership dues?

CLICK HERE for an article on the benefits of USBC membership from Sept. 2014, written by incoming Association Manager Mike Pettinella.

CLICK HERE for an outline of the role of USBC at the national level.
Note: National dues increased to $13 in 2017-18, the first increase in 12 years.

CLICK HERE for a summary of the Adult Basic membership option.

For more information, contact us at tfstrikeforce@msn.com.