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2021-22 adult league averages

2021-22 averages 200 or better

2021-22 youth averages

2020-21 Adult Averages

2020-21 Averages 200 or better

2020-21 Youth Averages

2019-20 Adult Averages

2019-20 Youth Averages

2018-19 Adult Averages

2018-19 League abbreviations

2018-19 Youth Averages

2017-18 Adult Averages

2017-18 Youth Averages

2017-18 League Abbreviations

2016-17 Adult Averages

Youth averages 2016-17

2016-17 Averages 200-plus

2015-16 Averages 19 and over

2015-16 Averages - ages 18 and under

2015-16 GRUSBC League abbreviations

2014-2015 Averages

2013-2014 Averages

2012-2013 Averages

2011-2012 Averages


The Genesee Region USBC wants to make it known that if any name is not included in the final averages in this yearbook, it is due to one or more of the following reasons:

1-League did not sanction
2-League secretary failed to sanction league
3-Member only bowled during the summer
4-Member did not complete 21 or more games
5-League didn't submit final averages to manager